Maundy Thursday: Eucharist of the Last Supper

Thursday 02 April 2015
19:30 to 22:00

By gathering together in the evening before his arrest, we share Jesus’ last supper with his friends and the giving of the bread and the wine: ‘Do this in remembrance of me.’

This is a holy night, beginning with joy, intimacy and friendship, but a shadow falls as Judas leaves to betray Jesus. After the Church is ‘stripped’ of decoration, those who stay in the Dutton Chapel for the Gethsemane Watch follow the story of the night as it unfolds, with readings from the Gospels and Psalms, until 10pm. Accompany Jesus in the ‘Gethsemane Garden’, with candlelight, as he prays for strength and the disciples sleep. Wait together for the soldiers to come with Judas to arrest Jesus.

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