Worship at St.Wilfrid's

Daily Prayer from the Church of England is available at: https://www.churchofengland.org/prayer-and-worship/join-us-service-daily-prayer

The Christian Calendar

At St. Wilfrid’s we follow the Christian Calendar; looking forward to Christmas each December - the Christ child, Jesus, the Light of the World in the depths of midwinter and celebrating through January to Jesus’ Presentation by Mary & Joseph to God as an infant.

In Spring, the restrained season of Lent prepares us for the great festival of Easter, again followed by a season of celebration until Whit Sunday (or Pentecost), the birth of the worldwide Church through the gift of God’s Holy Spirit.

During the Summer, Sunday worship focuses on one of the first three gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), following Jesus’ teaching and life as our guide and inspiration.

In Autumn we give thanks for God’s promise, celebrate our patron, Wilfrid, in October and keep Remembrance Sunday in November.

This seasonal approach to our worship gives rhythm and a foundation with readings from the Bible related to our everyday lives through our songs and music, sermons and group discussions.

Services within the Parish

Within St. Wilfrid's church, we have a loop system so that those with hearing aids can tune in easily. Please do not hesitate to speak to a churchwarden or sides-person on duty at the back of the church if you are in need of assistance.

Once monthly, our 'Little Wilfs' volunteers organise crafts and other activities for children during our Sunday morning (10:30 am) Parish Eucharist service. These take place in the Village Hall (next door).

WCs are accessible in the Village Hall during services at St. Wilfrid's.

We have an Open Table at St.Wilfrid's and all are welcome to receive Holy Communion with us.

For specific information on our regular service pattern, please click on the links below.

Private Prayer

In the Dutton Chappel, on the north side of the church, we have a prayer tree and bowl. If you would like to hold those in need in prayer, or to offer thanksgiving, please feel free to add messages to this tree. Before and after services there are also candles to light.


There is a free short guide to the church as you enter, with brief information about the history of our grade I listed 12th Century church. We are also very lucky that the local branch of The Arts Society has kindly produced a wonderful Children's Trail for us, which can also be found at the rear of the church.