Easter Eve Vigil and Service of Light with Music Makers Choir

Saturday 04 April 2015
19:30 to 21:00

Readings and Music by candlelight - celebrating Easter together with wine and cakes

This very ancient and profound liturgy is called the Easter Vigil & Service of Light. In past times (and still in the Orthodox Eastern Churches) the vigil would have gone on all night, watching for the dawn of Easter Day and the joy of the news of the resurrection in the Gospel reading.

The new Paschal (Easter) candle is lit from a fire by the door and processed through the darkened Church, followed by all the people. We sing ‘The Light of Christ’ three times as the candlelight dispels the darkness. All the other candles are lit as we celebrate in music and song. During the night, new Christians would in the past have been baptized, ready to share Holy Communion at dawn.

The evening begins at 7.30pm and gradually builds up through story and music to the great announcement of the resurrection, with joyous music and choral singing from Music Makers Choir.

If you have ever enjoyed a Christmas Carol service or Midnight Eucharist, you will enjoy the Easter Eve celebration! We celebrate with wine, juice and a special Easter Cake afterwards, breaking the Lenten fast together and beginning the Easter festivities.

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