Thy Kingdom Come!

Every week we say these words as part of our Lord’s Prayer.

This year between Ascension Day and Pentecost, the Archbishop’s of Canterbury and York have called for it to be a time for prayer for the Church. Early in my time this seems appropriate, as we pray for our Communities in Ribchester, Hurst Green and Mitton.

Perhaps you would like to join me for Daily Prayer in our Churches over this period. Details of services are given below.


Ascension Day 25th May
7:30pm Ascension Day Holy Communion at Hurst Green

Friday 26th May
9:00am Morning Prayer at Ribchester Church

Sunday 28th May
Prayers at all our Sunday Services

Tuesday 30th May
12:00-noon Midday Prayer at Great Mitton

Wednesday 31st May
10:30am Holy Communion at Ribchester Church

Thursday 1st June
8:30am Morning Prayer at Hurst Green
Option of Breakfast at Millies afterwards

Friday 2nd June
12:00-noon Midday Prayer at Stydd Church



Thy Kingdom Come


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