Welcoming our Junior Church children to Holy Communion

The First Admission Group in 2015

Our 10-week Autumn term course for parish children and families, learning about sharing Communion, prepared the way for the first 'Admission' of 19 children to Communion in our parish in late November 2015. The age range was infant to 11; all preparing together with Mums, Dads and Junior Church leaders.

Then, on the Sunday after Christmas, three more families brought Leon, Eva-Iola and Eleanor for baptism and admission, and Henry joined their number on 17th January.

From now on, when a family enquires about baptism, the possibility of the child (if under the age of 16) also being admitted to Communion at the same time will be discussed with the priest. Admission of baptised children is an authorised path in the Church of England for families who intend to bring their children to church on Sundays. All names have been recorded in a new Admission Register, which is kept with the Baptism and Marriage registers in the church safe. The next step for these young people will be preparation for Confirmation, at around 16, when they will consider taking their own Baptism vows as yound adults.

All of these occasions have been great celebrations - not only fr the children and their families but also for the whole church family. We have ebjoyed hearing from the children about the crafts and exercises they have been doing from their activity book, "Welcome to the Lord's Table".

Our Holy Communion now includes the whole extended family of St Wilfrid's Church sharing together in Jesus' name.

In loving memory of Joan Forrest

At the first children's Admission to Communion service, a beautiful silver gilt chalice and paten was dedicated in loving memory of Joan. Joan supported the children and families over many years and her own extended family gathered to be part of the special occasion - remembering her with love and welcoming the children who will use the chalice (filled with grape juice) on Sunday mornings. 

Thanks also to the Mothers Union!

Mothers Union members donated and presented books to all of the 23 children that had been admitted to Communion over the Winter period, with colourful Bible stories and prayer books, as well as some 'street' versions for older children. To add to the children's joy, all of the crafts for the annual 'Countdown to Christmas' workshop were also donated by the MU, as well as crowns and sticky jewels for the Junior Church at Epiphany. St Wilfrid's Mothers Union branch has decided to close but members are still meeting monthly, now in Potters Barn for a coffee and/or lunch on the second Tuesday of each month.